Sunday, May 11, 2014

This is what I have been doing the last few weeks......

Loving on my new granddaughter. 

I was blessed to do a newborn shoot with her the week after I took these photos and I will share those with all of you soon. 

Update on my photography start up:
  • Completed a family photo shoot last month
  • Another family photo shoot scheduled this week
  • Newborn shoot with my new grandbaby
  • Lots and lots and lots of hours in online photo classes and webinars
  • Purchased the new 100mm macro lens I have wanted for several months
  • Close to choosing a name for a new blog and biz 
So that is what is happening in my world. I hope you will all join me on my new blog once it is up and running. I will post all the info here as well as post in both spots for awhile. 

Until next time..... Keep on Creating!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tres de Mayo (AKA Cinco de Mayo)

I am in the midst of planning a small Tres de Mayo dinner party. SAY WHAT???? WHY not Cinco de Mayo you ask? Well......the 5th of May falls on a Monday this year and I am NOT a dinner party on a weeknight kinda gal.

I am spending this morning looking for some fun recipes to serve. Maybe authentic Mexican or maybe just a nod to the flavors of Mexico like lime, tequila, jalepeno, etc.

Below are links to some of the recipes I am considering so please weigh in on your thoughts on what I should serve. To be fair to the original bloggers as well as keeping myself out of hot water, I will not be posting any pictures now but there will be plenty of photo's of the final recipes I create.

I want to have some type of salad but I don't want the normal taco salad or just a plain tossed salad so here were some alternatives I came up with..... Mexican Corn SaladMexican Slaad BoatsMexican Chopped Salad with Lime Cilantro Dressing

I wasn't looking for light or low calorie recipes but this Chicken Verde Enchilada recipe from the May 2014 issue of Cooking Light looks yummy and fairly easy to whip up. Who doesn't like a recipe that calls for rotisserie chicken?

I am ALL about quick and easy and this Carne Asada recipe from fits both of those. YUMMMMM. The only issue would be I would probably need to grill the steaks on my grill pan after the guests have arrived and are enjoying appetizers and drinks. HMMMM

These Margarita Cupcakes from Confections of a Foodie Bride and others on Pinterest will be part of my dessert selection.

In a search for shooter recipes that lend themselves to Mexican flavors I found these Tequila Lime Pie Shooters. All I can say is OH MY.......

The best part about all of the prep for this party is that I always plan to have my kids and their families over the next day so I get to cook once and entertain twice. That is a win all the way around.

That's all for now. Until next time.....keep on creating.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Taking the plunge.....

I am finally stepping out there a little....

A little update on my recent commitments:
  • I have picked out my new lens and I am just waiting for the IRS to send my tax refund to order it. Check it out here Canon 100 mm Macro.
  • I haven't taken any new classes as of yet, but I have been spending lots of time visiting with the folks over at iheartfaces and Click it up a Notch reading lots of blog posts, watching videos and absorbing as much as I can. 
  • I actually did a photo shoot with a co-workers children. It wasn't a paying gig (I refused) but it is a start in helping me realize that I AM good enough. 
  • I spent time on a newborn shoot with my new granddaughter and surprised my son when he realized they were 'awesome pics'. His words and not mine. Once the birth announcements go out and I have been given the go ahead, I will be posting some shots on here.
So there you have it for this weeks baby steps. 

Stay tuned and I will be posting more on this journey including my thoughts on some of the things I have learned and how the new skills are working for me, some pics form the 365 challenge I am starting as well as pics from the recent shoots. 

Until next time....

Keep on Creating!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Enough is Enough.....


I have been throwing around the idea of taking my photography to the next level and  I have actually been taking small steps over the last few months to do just that.

Since my word of the year for 2014 is 'enough' I decided that:
  • Enough thinking about what lens to buy next - BUY IT
  • Enough thinking about taking more online classes - TAKE THEM
  • Enough taking only FREE classes - Spend money on quality classes
  • Enough thinking 'you're not good enough - YOU ARE
So starting today I am going to focus on a 365 Photography Project (this involves taking a photo every day for 365 days) over at SCARY!!!! But what better day than April Fool's Day to move forward on this adventure. NO April Fool's here though my creative friends. THIS IS REAL.

You may also be some changes here at A Creative Spirit which may or may not include:
  • A move to a new blog platform
  • A new name - which may mean an entirely new blog
  • Lots of picture sharing - maybe or maybe not until you cry ENOUGH
  • Updates on my Facebook Page so go on over to A Creative Spirit and like my page 
  • Thoughts on how my 365 project is going
I am open to any and all ideas from all of you so please (please, please) feel free to share your experiences on taking your creativity to the next level.

Thoughts? I would love to hear from you.

Until next time....

Keep on Creating.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I wish you enough.......

I saw this on a friends Facebook page and thought it was great since it goes along with my "word of the year".

I wish everyone enough:

LOVE to make you happy
HUGS to make you feel that love
SUNSHINE to keep your heart warm
FRIENDS to spend time with
TIME to spend on your passion

I would love to hear more 'enough' ideas from all of you so I hope you will share. 

Until next time.....

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