Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Do you Pin???

My new addiction is taking up LOADS of my time. . .

I come by an addict's gene honestly, but have always used MY gene for fun. . .


Hmmmmm, let me think back to my addictions over the years. . .

Precious Moments?

Longaberger Baskets?

Scrapbooking Supplies?

Rubber Stamps?

You would not believe the space these past addictions are STILL taking up in my home.

And I haven't even mentioned, the handbags of ALL kinds, the Vera Bradley bags, etc. etc. etc.

But now, I have an addiction that is FREE!

You heard me FREE!

I am sure you figured it out from the title, but I seriously am addicted to

Have you discovered Pinterest yet?

What a GREAT place to find fun ideas for parties, decorating, food and crafts.

You seriously need to check it out if you haven't already.

If you wanna take a look at my Pin Boards check them out here.

My "Outdoor dreams for a small space. . ." has been a fave for me this summer
while building my OWN Secret Garden.

Now my only question is. . .
What are you waiting for?

If you wanna start pinning, you will need an invite,
so just let me know if you wanna join in on the fun.
All I need is your email address and I will send you the invite
so that you TOO can get addicted.

Until next time. . .


Stephanie of Gumdrop Pass said...

You bet your bum that I'm addicted! :)

It IS free, but then it makes me want to DO things that AREN'T free. :) I love going on there and searching DIY - people seriously have the most awesome ideas for things that I would never think of. BUT, seeing these things definitely INSPIRES me and HELPS me think up some fun little things to do.

...and then I have to laugh because my food board (BY FAR) has the most pins on it... I just find all of this delicious looking stuff and never want to lose it! lol

Bart Anthony said...

Kim I will pass on joining pinning!! hahhahahaha However, I LOVE the idea it is free!!! hahhahahahahahaha LY

A Gluten Free Mommy said...


I'd love to try. It sounds amazing...I too am tired of my interests cluttering up every flat surface in my house!

LauraFrost82 at hotmail dot com

Angela said...

Pinterest gets my creativity gene itching!! :-)

I'm your newest follower!

Thanks for following me!


Mandi said...

I am new to Pinterest, but I already love it!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about getting the creativity going. I just followed you over there, too!

Smile and Mama With Me

Megan C said...

The same thing happens to me, I get really into something for a bit, get bored, then have to take up storage space for it. You know, in case I need it again? Haha. I've been on pinterest before but after an hour I decided it was evil and time consuming. Although I did see a really yummy food idea... Maybe I'll check it out again.

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