Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday - DIY

It sometimes AMAZES me how many folks have such talent and creative ability.
Sometimes it just takes some paint,
sometimes a little muscle,
always some time allotment,
but after you take a look at the LOVELY
DIY projects included below,
you may be inspired to try some DIY of your own.

Please go take a look at the sites and the full project posts to see the full effects and be sure to tell the DIY-er that you saw them here on A Creative Spirit.

I am LOVING all the DIY chalkboards out there. With a little time and maybe a trip to the Thrift Store, you could create one for your very own. Check this one out.

I LOVE mirrors... LOVE THEM!
Do I have any in my own home? Well, do the bathroom mirrors count?
I was thrilled to find this innovative mirror that is also a DIY project.

I NEED a project table desperately... NO REALLY!
And this Pottery Barn workstation would be perfect except for the price, so follow this link to see a DIY version that will fit ANY budget.

I love this DIY toy tutorial. What little girl wouln't LOVE this fake makeup?

A great pillow for fall! Click here for the DIY tutorial.


What a cool way to re-purpose an old door! Check the entire post out here.

I absolutely LOVE this pink table for Anneliese's daughter's 'big' room. Go check out ALL the pics over at Asthetic Nest.

I have a special connnection with this piece since I too re-purposed an old table in a lighter version of the same color. Check mine out here and here. Dang it, I should have taken some pictures of it in progress. . .

So there you have it for this weeks obsession.
As always I would love to see your DIY projects.
You may see them featured in a future post.

Until next time. . .
Keep on creating.


Stephanie of Gumdrop Pass said...

LOVE the door turned table. How do people come up with this stuff?! ;)

...and I keep seeing the CUTEST pink things made for little girls (like the above table!). All of the cuteness is making me rethink my declaration for only having all boys. ;)

Great roundup!

Lana said...

I like the door coffee table. Things wouldn't get knocked off so easily on it! Cute! Sorry I've been so quite, but I have been popping in and out. Just call me ON the Fly!

Red Rose Alley said...

The 'DREAM CREATE INSPIRE' chalkboard is wonderful! Jess made a chalkboard recently, and really had a great time working on the project. Your chalkboard does inspire me to start on a project or two.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Liz said...

Wow, I love the old door coffee table and the PB knockoff desk thingy! The chalkboard is going to have to go in my informal project queue, though--I have some great mirror frames with shoddy/broken mirrors in them and this would be perfect!

eemoody77 at gmail dot com

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