Wednesday, March 28, 2012

To be or not to be?

Dieting???? That is the question.... OH don't worry, I haven't given up on my resolution yet. But you REALLY need to head on over to Simple Mom to read about her thoughts on dieting.

WOW, they were words I needed and they came WHEN I needed them. Here are some excerpts of what she had to say:

"We use food as a weapon. We use food as a numbing agent. We use food as a coveted illicit pleasure in a game where we test how long we can resist it to prove our strength. We use food as everything but how it is meant to be used… an enjoyable, health-giving tool."

"Become aware—deeply aware—and curious about how foods make you literally and emotionally feel. Not whether the food is bad or good. Not whether it is right or wrong to eat it. When we release the restriction and the judgement that food is good or bad, we can also release the deeper judgement that we are good or bad for choosing those foods."

Do you beat yourself up when it comes to food? I know that I do. I have bruises that never go away I think. I would love to have the frame of mind that Simple Mom does. I REALLY would. So how do I get to that point?

I know one way that can start that new thinking. Stop thinking that I screwed up one meal or one snack or one entire day (or week) and bonk myself over and over for it while continuing down the 'pig out' path. I beat myself up so bad that I figure I already blew it so might as well keep on going.

SERIOUSLY..... how detrimental is that to my thinking or my resolve to be healthy? VERY!!!!

I am asking you all if you have any ideas for softer blows instead of the full on slugs. You know, the self-depricating, full punch in the belly comments like "You will never lose weight", "You have NO will power", " You have blown it already today, so you might as well just keep eating". 

I need your help. Do you have things that you say to yourself that are positive? Words of kindness to confirm that you made a 'small' mistake which is not an indication of WHO your are? A way to remind yourself that you made a mistake but It does not have to affect the rest of the day? Keep in mind, it doesn't even have to pertain to food, cuz believe me, my derogatory comments don't stop at my food choices. OH NO, when I am beating myself up, I do a bang-up, down and dirty job on myself.

If you have ANY ideas for me, I would love to hear them. I know that I have a lot of soul work to do, and maybe this could be the start of something BIG. Are you with me?

Until next time....

Keep on creating!


Lana Wallpe said...

None of us are perfect, and unless you were blessed with that fat eating gene that keeps you skinny forever, weight is a life-long companion. We truly do need to realize we are going to take it with us to the grave, and so we need to decide if we are going to be mortal enemies or find a way to co-habitate. It's like a marriage, but you can't get a divorce. Right now, my weight and I are getting along rather well. the pounds are coming off slowly, but they are coming off, even with two vacations in three months. It's a daily exchange. I really fight not to say struggle because then it becomes contentious and the idea of a fight or battle gets stuck in your head. I hate fights; I would rather have healthy relationships, so that is how I am trying to look at my weight. Hey, it only took about 50 years to figure this out! Hang in there.

Bart Anthony said...

Kim I don't know if these were the same words I wrote the last time I tried to post but here it goes. I believe if we eat the right things 90% of the time the few times we over indulge won't be such a big deal. I know easier said than done. I know when I am stressed I tend to eat to much of the bad stuff (I think that it is the good stuff! hahahha) like candy, ice cream, etc. However, if I would just eat a couple pieces of candy or one scope of ice cream, I would be ok. I know exercise has helped me through stressful times or a would be as big as a blimp!!! hahahhaha

momto8 said...

I don't even have potato chips anywhere in the house. i could eat the whole bag myself.

LeAnn said...

Oh my gosh this is a timely one for me. I have done all of the things that you wrote about. I do think it is a thinking problem for sure. I need to re-think and ponder on this one. Thanks for the thoughts because I needed them today. I have already been to the kitchen three times for chocolate, dang!

Renee's Joy Journey said...


I believe there is a need inside of us to (1) crave God and (2) be healthy. When we put God first and seek Him and are filled with His love, then we can make healthy food choices to care for our bodies, but not get our identity from our body.

Love, Renee

P.S. I'm actually just starting a 60 day, personal challenge to just change habits that aren't blessing my body. If you need a little accountablitily ... I'm here! :-)

Michelle@Teagan's Travels said...

I am in the midst of reading Lysa TerKeurst's Made to Crave. It is Christian based and I think revolutionary way of looking at weight loss and why we overeat. Head over to her website for info and also there was an online study going on for a while. I so feel for you. This has been my struggle especially after having the kids. I am hoping for a new, slimmer me this spring/summer!

Michelle @ Teagan's Travels

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