Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How's it going????

Did you pick a word to describe your passion or your goal for 2012?
Back in January, I picked the word Believe. I wanted to stop being in my 'self-pity' mode and start believing in myself and my abilities again.
So how am I doing? UMMMM OK, but first let me remind you of the goals I wanted to accomplish or the way I planned to live out my word this year.  
  1. First by spending more time with God. That is MY strongest belief so that part of my life deserves more time. More time in the Word, more time in prayer, more time sharing my beliefs.
  2. Also, by meditating on the positives, on the blessings I have in my life and stop focusing on the losses.
  3. Doing what I believe to be right, even if others mock or criticize me for it.
  4. Being willing to take risks and go the extra mile to achieve better things.
  5. Accepting compliments graciously. “Thanks, I really worked hard on that prospectus. I’m pleased you recognize my efforts.”
Here are my updates:
  1. I have been reading 1-3 Psalms a day as well as adding Christian books into my reading list so I would say I give myself an A- on this goal.
  2. I am still working on this one. I try to start each day with a positive attitude know that each day can be a GREAT and happy day. I am giving myself a C+ on this one.
  3. I am not really sure why I put this one on here. I must have REALLY been feeling down on myself at that time.
  4. Risks are still tough for me, but I am putting myself out there again. At work and in my personal life. So far, so good and I haven't fell flat on my face yet. Another C+ on this one.
  5. This is still a tough one for me. I am working on forming the words 'thank you' instead of contracting whatever compliment I get. That goes for compliments on my cakes, my clothes, my hair whatever. I am going to be positive on this one and say that I am doing about B work on this.
So how is your year going? We are in the home stretch, almost in the last quarter of the year. My plan is to continue on this path of believing and I know great things are sure to come. Are you with me?
Until next time....keep on creating.


JJ said...

Here is my word: Learn. It is a lifetime goal.

Quiltingranny said...

Determination would be my word as I am determined everyday to spend more time on my health and family than on the computer!

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